There are many occasions we have in mind the phrase: My house needs urgent reform!, but it's a budget that prevents us from making those dreams come true.

The constant struggle between need and little family income is what makes us not uproot or change anything that we do not like that, Unfortunately, we are doomed to see daily at home.

But, We have good news! It is possible to make small changes with little effort and, as, without much scratching your pocket.

How? With some minor updates that we recommend then that surely you'll love. synthetic enamels, vinyl siding, vinyl matt, etc. We started!

5 Steps to reform the house for little money

Before starting, you must analyze which parts of the house most urgently need a change. Normally we will focus on isolation, illumination, layers of paint and, Finally, the aesthetic part. We can request a quote for everything we have in mind to carry out to several companies and thus, compare prices.

1.Use of easy-to-install materials. Nowadays, We have many materials that do not need work or much effort to be installed and that can completely renovate the house. We talk about vinyl coatings, anti humidity paints, PVC, etc. Also using paint, but putting the labor ourselves, we will get a complete face lift in no time.

2.For the kitchen, something a priori very complicated to renew, we will only need skill and a lot of imagination. A budget, we can reform this home stay cabinets lining with vinyl matt or gloss, according to taste. We can also replace resistant tiles for special paper or vinyl. finally changing door handles and nice curtains et, hey presto!


3.For a low cost bathroom reform must also take a lot of creativity. It is a space of constant use may need to reform each bit time due to wear of its elements. As with the kitchen, in the bath we can renew glazes walls or vinyl synthetic anti humidity. We can also replace the bathtub for a shower or change by more updated furniture. Finally, health also can be renewed with little cost if we buy parts and change ourselves.

4.For this penultimate point, we will focus on the doors and windows of the apartment. We can give it a wash face lacándolas and choosing a more modern and current color.


5.Por último, there is nothing that a textile quality can not fix. If we want to spend little but our home will become a completely different just we need to change curtains, rugs, cushions, upholster chairs and other textile items that looked outdated by more contemporary and renewed.


And another tip we give more, By your pretty face! Get another room in the house thanks to a proper lighting. Change bulbs with less harsh light, low comsumption, and you Join them by lamps, spotlights and highlights new acquisition.

Source: habitissimum

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